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Comino Caves

Location: Comino Island

Navigating to the dive site: A boat dive to the Island of Comino

Access: Boat Dive

Depth: 10 to15 metres

Sea Bed: Sand and Rocks

Interests: Caves and Sea Life

Situated between the islands of Malta and Gozo, the island of Coming has become very well known for its profusion of picturesque underwater caves. These are mainly situated on the North coast of this small Island.

Just behind the headland of Santa Maria bay, you will find an L shaped inlet which is peppered with a number of caves that can be seen with their entrances reaching from just above the waterline but continuing on down beneath the azure sea. Tucked In the corner of this little inlet is one of the most popular dives sites in Malta very popular with snorkeling fish feeding tourists. It is also a site that is usually visited by a lot of divers as the second dive of the day and divers who want to have a relaxing dive without any hassles or worries. This is a boat dive with shallow azure waters and brilliant white sand studded here and there with interesting rock formations. This area is also inhabited with a large number of friendly Saddled Sea Breams that are used to being fed by divers and will swarm on any diver offering some tasty morsels of crushed bread. The Saddled Sea Bream are a species of fish that are found throughout the Maltese Islands but because divers to this site make it a point to regularly feed them, they gather here in much larger numbers. When feeding these fish, the diver is temporarily lost to view and all divers seem to enjoy this spectacle.

When entering the caves it is a good idea to start with the first grotto on the left of the inlet-most cave. This entrance to this cave is only 10 metres deep and at first, the cave will appear as though it will end abruptly but in fact as the cave starts to turn towards the right two exits come into view, if you continue forward past these, the sandy bottom rises almost to the surface and it is possible to surface as this is a semi-submerged cavern. When you head back out to explore the next grotto you can take the passage on your right and this will take you to the next cave. This cave too is semi submerged but much larger on closer inspection of this grotto, with its beautiful ceiling of bright yellow soft corals and deep red sponges, you will find a number of interconnecting passages which will ultimately lead you to the open sea.

When you are heading out of the caves through the exit and into the azure sea beyond, you will emerge above a very beautiful reef. This is alive with tube Worms, Sea breams, Wrasses and many other species of fish and small sea creatures. You can swim along this reef as you head towards the right following the contours of the headland all the way around to where the boat is usually anchored, here again you will be met with swarms of fish hoping to get a free meal. The caves and the large shoals of fish is the surrounding area makes this dive site ideal for both amateur and professional photographers. The inner features of the caves as well as the entrances also have the makings for very good pictures.

Some things you should keep in mind if you intend to dive this wreck.

This dive site is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. It also offers many opportunities for marine photography enthusiast. This dive site cannot be dived when there is medium to strong winds blowing from the North East.


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